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Learn what features and benefits of Hotronix heat presses are important when heat printing.

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What to Look For in a Heat Press

All Heat Presses are Not Created Equal

With so many methods for decorating apparel, the research process can be overwhelming. While each of the methods: silk screening, direct-to-garment, embroidery, sublimation, and heat printing has a position in the industry, one thing is consistently true: each utilizes a heat press. When shopping for your heat press, it is important to note that all heat presses are not created equal and cost is not the only factor.

Watch this educational webinar on choosing the right heat press for your business.

Three-Part Recipe

When selecting a heat press, consider the three key elements of heat printing: time, temperature, and pressure. These elements are used in different combinations when applying heat printing materials so they require accuracy to get the best adhesion and finished product.

1. Time - Look for a digital timer or beep to let you know that time is up. Investing in this feature will ensure a good product.

2. Temperature - Look for a heat press with a coiled and evenly-spaced heating element. It will always provide consistent, accurate heat. A heat press that has individual heating rods cast into the aluminum will have uneven temperature (cold spots) during application and designs will not adhere properly.

3. Pressure - Look for a heat press that offers a digital pressure reading so you know exactly how much pressure you are applying. Without it, it’s a guessing game and a potential for your designs to not adhere.

Time, Temperature, and Pressure