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Hotronix® Patents and Innovations

We don’t just make heat presses, we make heat presses better.

Below is just a small list of our industry-first and Hotronix-exclusive heat press features.

  • Over the Center Pressure Adjustment – allows the pressure to be evenly distributed for proper application every time.
  • Cast-in Tubular Heating Elements – prevent cold spots on the heating platen.
  • Digital Time, Temperature and Pressure Display – lets you know exactly how your machine is set, ensuring proper application.
  • Auto-Opening Heat Press – prevents over-application and burning of transfers.
  • Auto Swing – conveniently provides a heat-free workspace while reducing operator fatigue.
  • Touch Screen Technology – easily adjust your machine’s settings without dials, knobs, or buttons.
  • Full Threadability™ – print both sides of a garment without re-dressing the platen, reducing production time by up to 40%.
  • Auto Adjust Pressure – takes the guesswork out of setting proper pressure.
  • Multiple Time Settings – pre-heat and apply without having to reset your timer.
  • Pre-Set Programs – program your heat press to apply a different material in a few easy steps.
  • Quick Change Lower Platens – quickly and easily change between jobs – no tools required.