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Get an inside look into the manufacturing of the Hotronix® presses.

Learn about the features and benefits of the Air Fusion heat press.

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How to Change Heat Press Platens

Changing your platen is easy, just follow these simple instructions.

Hotronix® Auto Clam and The MAXX® Clam

Tools Needed: 9/16″ socket or wrench

  Download instructions (pdf)

Changing Auto Clam and MAXX Clam platens

  1. Locate the two bolts underneath the heat platen and remove the nuts using a 9/16 socket or wrench.
  2. Lift off the platen.
  3. Place the new platen on the base and replace the nuts.

Hotronix® Fusion and Air Fusion™

Tools Needed: None

  Download instructions (pdf)

Changing Air Fusion Platens

  1. Locate the Quick Change Pin underneath the platen on the right side of the machine.
  2. Turn the pin ¼ turn toward the back of the heat press.
  3. Lift off the platen.
  4. Place the new platen on the base and turn the pin back ¼ turn.