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How to Decorate Bags with a Heat Press | Stahls’ Hotronix


Learn how to heat print a variety of bags using a heat press and accessories.

Learn about the features and benefits

of the Auto Open Clam heat presses.

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How to Decorate Bags with a Heat Press

Here’s what you’ll need to start heat printing bags.


1. A Heat Press with:

• Optional smaller sized platens that will fit a variety of bags
• A wide opening or heat free work surface for bag positioning.
• A floating and moveable platen to ensure even pressure, when using a pad or   heat printing pillow inside the bag.

2. Heat Transfer Designs and Graphics

• Many options are available, such as screen printed transfers, print/cut designs,   heat transfer materials, rhinestones, letters/numbers, & direct-to-garment.
• Finding a reputable company that offers more than one option will save time and   shipping costs.
• Create your own designs and graphics, using software such as CorelDRAW®,   Adobe® Illustrator, and CadworxLIVE®

3. Bags

• Choose the type of bag your customers are looking for: totes, grocery/shopping,   sports, backpacks, etc.
• Many different bag materials are available today, including cotton, linen, polyester,   nylon, polypropylene, and recycled.
• Determine which heat transfer design is compatible with your bag fabric. Note:   Polypropylene and recycled bags have a low melting point, make sure the   material you choose for these bags applies under 300°F for a few seconds.

4. Heat Printing Accessories

• Non-stick heat printing pillows will absorb any   buttons, seams, or zippers that   would affect the design being applied to the bag.
 Print Perfect Pads elevate the print area, making any buttons, zippers or seams   fall outside the print area so they do not interfere, giving an even, flat surface for   printing. Can be cut with scissors to desired size needed.
 Non-stick cover sheets help to protect the garment and the upper platen of the   heat press.

Note: when using pads or pillows, adjust pressure on the heat press to account for the extra thickness.

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