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How to Decorate Uniforms with a Heat Press | Stahls’ Hotronix


Learn how to heat apply 2 color letters and designs with a heat press.

Learn about the features and benefits of the Auto Open Clam heat press series.

Get an inside look into the manufacturing of Hotronix® heat presses.

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How to Decorate Uniforms with a Heat Press

Personalize all types of sports jerseys.


1. A Heat Press with:

• A swing away or draw feature gives the benefit of a heat-free work surface and     over-the-top visibility while laying out letters, numbers, or graphics.
• The ability to thread the uniform over the platen makes heat printing the front and   back easy, cutting down on production time.
 Interchangeable platens in different sizes will give you the ability to heat print many   different-sized jerseys, T-shirts, and sports accessories.

2. Letters, Numbers and Heat Transfer Designs

• Personalize Uniforms with pre-cut letters, numbers, and logos.
• Screen printed transfers and heat transfer materials can be heat applied to a wide   variety of uniform fabrics, including nylon or performance wear.
• Create and cut your own numbers, words, or logos using CadworxLIVE®,   CorelDraw® or Adobe® Illustrator.
• Stock popular school colors for local teams.
• Know regulation letter and number sizes for each sport.

3. Uniforms

• Order blank uniforms from vendors with volume pricing.
• Popular team uniform fabrics include polyester, nylon and tricot mesh, moisture   wicking polyester and dazzle.
• Determine which heat transfer media is recommended for the uniform fabric   selected and sport being played.

4. Heat Printing Accessories

• Use heat printing pillows for uniforms with heavy   seams or yokes to provide flat, even surface for application.
• Use heat printing pillows to insert inside reversible mesh jerseys to provent the   media from pressing through the other side of the uniform.
• Use non-stick cover sheets to protect the heat press   and designs from dirt and    dyes when applying.

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