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Born from the specific requirements of heat transfer materials, Hotronix® has been taking the guesswork out of heat application since the 1980s. Now stronger and more advanced than ever, Hotronix® continues to engineer and produce the world's best-selling heat presses and accessories. Proudly made in the USA, Hotronix® looks to the future of heat press innovation in an ever-changing industry to help your business become an efficient, profit-generating machine.



“We’re doing about 3,000 to 4,000 shirts a week, so the Laser Alignment System is great for what I do; it’s perfect for me. It ensures speed, accuracy, and consistency every time.” Mark Shindler Brody’s Tots And Teens

“It’s wonderful to have the convenience of using either the swing away or draw press, but the primary reason we purchased the Fusion is the Threadability. We save so much time being able to thread garments onto the press, and the versatility and ease of switching the different size platens makes pressing various size garments a breeze.” Vicki Dunning Embroidery Designs

“It just cuts down on time; honestly, it really does save time. It’s an awesome machine. Because you have one person loading, it just slides over, and once you get the timing of it down it literally cuts your heat pressing in half.”Susan BeckerJersey Ink