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Heat Press Hotronix Company History | Stahls’ Hotronix


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A History of Innovation

Technology Driven – Made in the USA

We were born from the identification of a problem and the need to fix it. In the 1980s, Stahls’ ID Direct’s heat transfer materials required precise temperatures and application times – elements which were lacking in the heat presses available at the time. Heat presses often provided uneven pressure, temperature fluctuations, inaccurate timers, and even had cold spots on the heating platen.

Ted Stahl approached several heat press manufacturers in an attempt to address these issues, but the companies weren’t willing to devote the resources and manpower it would take to build a better machine. Like many other entrepreneurs, Ted took matters into his own hands.

Assembling a technology team led by industry expert Ron Anderson, Ted devoted countless hours to making an affordable heat press that would provide quality results with every use. Hotronix heat presses were born from this venture.

With heating elements placed throughout the upper platen to eliminate cold spots and provide consistent temperatures, a thicker platen with non-stick coating, and the industry’s first digital controls, we soon set the standard for what a quality heat press should be.

The spirit of innovation which made us an industry leader is alive and well to this day. From the industry’s first combination swing and draw press, the Fusion, to the time-saving convenience of the Heat Press Caddie™, we continue to move the industry forward with quality innovations made with you, the user, in mind.