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Hotronix® 6″ x 6″ Heat Press

Take your heat printing operation mobile, designed to be compact for easy portability. Ideal for left-chest logos, labels, and other small designs.

Hotronix® Air Fusion IQ™ Heat Press

Expand your heat printing capabilities and increase production with this technologically advanced heat press, powered by compressed air.

Hotronix® Auto Cap Heat Press

Offer team decorating from head to toe and increase add-on sales with this user-friendly cap heat press.

Hotronix® Auto Open Clam Heat Press

Prevent over-application and scorching with this heat press that automatically opens once application time has expired.

Hotronix® Dual Air FUSION IQ™ Heat Press

Increase production and efficiency with this two-station heat press. The upper platen shuttles between printing stations, allowing you to prepare one garment while printing another.

Hotronix® Fusion IQ™ Heat Press

Heat print the way you like with this dual-function heat press - operate as either a swing-away or draw press.

Hotronix® Hover Heat Press

Cure ink on printed garments or apply heat transfers with this versatile heat press machine. Great for curing DTG inks!

Hotronix® LowRider Heat Press

Apply patches, collar labels, and more with this compact heat press, perfect for mobile heat printing.

Hotronix® Sports Ball Heat Press

Create unique trophies and giveaways with this heat press, designed to print logos, player names/numbers, initials, and more on inflatable sports balls.

The MAXX® Cap Heat Press

Start printing hats and caps of all shapes and sizes with this lightweight, portable cap heat press. Perfect for start-ups and home businesses.

The MAXX® Clam Heat Press

Get started in heat printing, or add a backup machine with this affordable, easy-to-use heat press.